Portfolio Management

401k rollover, 403b rollover, 457 rollover & TSP rollover

If you rollover your 401k, 403b, 457 or Thrift Savings Plan into a Rollover IRA then a BCM financial advisor will help you select a diversified portfolio based on your specific situation and investment objectives.

To begin the rollover process, there would be a conversation between you and a BCM financial advisor and a series of questions would be asked in order to gain an in depth understanding of your circumstances.

Determining your investment objectives for your Rollover IRA

One of the most important questions will be to determine your investment objectives for your new IRA. For example, if you are retiring or nearing retirement you are most likely primarily concerned with preserving and protecting the value of your rollover and/or receiving monthly income. Conversely, if you have many years before retirement you probably are more concerned with selecting investments that can provide you with long term growth.

Creating your customized portfolio

Your answers to questions such as your investment experience, time horizon before retirement, tolerance for investment risk and your other investment holdings will have a significant impact on the portfolio that is recommended for you.

Once the answers to these and other questions are known and there is a complete understanding of your situation, the process of designing your portfolio begins. Your portfolio is created by selecting from stocks, bonds, money managers and over 10,000 mutual funds. It will be diversified, fundamentally sound and have the appropriate asset allocation.

There are very specific criteria and a stringent selection process that a BCM financial advisor will use to determine each investment that is selected for a client’s portfolio. In addition, there are a number of sophisticated diversification strategies that will be implemented in your portfolio to reduce your risk and volatility.

BCM can provide portfolio management for your Rollover IRA. Contact us to open a Rollover IRA.